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Latest HSJi Review discusses the capital spending challenge

Read Jack Serle's latest HSJi Review, which talks about how the public pronouncements on the NHS from the two main parties in the general election campaign have clustered around the same theme: increasing capacity.

It is notable that both parties have offered up ideas that will use capital spending, on the creation of NHC’s and the purchase of diagnostic equipment for example, as part of the drive to improve NHS productivity. Read the full article here.

Latest investigations

Bath and North East Somerset, Swindon and Wiltshire ICS

The ICS ended the 2023-24 financial year with a £17.9m deficit. Efforts to reduce the deficit included national funding to cover the cost of industrial action during the winter, workforce controls and improved utilisation of community diagnostic centres. There was also an over-delivery of the system’s agency reduction plan. This targeted a 35 per cent reduction in spending but achieved a 59.5 per cent cut by month 12. A significant part of this over-delivery was thanks to the improved efficiency of the system’s recruitment workstream driven by ICB director of resourcing and retention Penny Smee.

Imperial College Healthcare Trust

Imperial College Healthcare Trust is exploring alternative funding and design options after the government confirmed the planned rebuild of its three hospital sites would not be funded before 2030. The news came as a major blow to the trust and its leaders have explicitly warned services will be impacted if work does not begin this decade. The trust already has the largest estate backlog maintenance bill in the NHS, and without a rebuild of its hospitals, maintaining the outdated infrastructure could eventually become financially unviable.

Northamptonshire Healthcare Foundation Trust

NHFT delivered the £4.83m deficit for 2023-24 it agreed with NHS England in December. However, achieving break-even in 2024-25 will be a tough task, especially as many cost-saving opportunities have now been exhausted. NHFT overspent on agency staff by 12 per cent in 2023-24, and this trend remains a continuing threat to financial stability. To boost the substantive workforce, and therefore reduce reliance on temporary workers, the trust has stepped up its international recruitment efforts. It is also working to persuade agency workers to switch to the staff bank by increasing the flexibility of the shifts offered to the latter.


Last week the following data points were updated:

  • Main location, Number Details, and Telephone Number of Acute,Sp,Com,MH,Amb in Q4 2023-24

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