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Using a mixture of proprietary intelligence, HSJ Intelligence brings you the top strategic issues facing specific providers and health systems.

Latest HSJi Review discusses cancer capacity issues

Read Jack Serle's latest HSJi Review, which talks about how NHS cancer services in England are stuck behind the curve.

Most of the recent investigations into trusts and integrated care systems on HSJ Intelligence include examples of how a provider and/or health economy is grappling with cancer service challenges. Read the full article here.

Latest investigations

South Yorkshire ICS

The South Yorkshire Integrated Care System has decentralised decision-making to four main areas: Sheffield, Rotherham, Barnsley, and Doncaster, aiming to relocate hospital services to town centers similar to Barnsley's model. Led by CEO Gavin Boyle and Chair Pearse Butler, the ICS faces a significant budget deficit, prompting a focus on efficiency targets, including potential staff reductions. Doncaster Royal Infirmary's aging infrastructure poses a critical challenge. Acute trusts are exploring unified Cerner EPR adoption for streamlined operations. The ICS collaborates closely with local authorities and Metro Mayor Oliver Coppard to address health disparities and enhance community care initiatives.

East Kent Hospitals University Foundation Trust

East Kent Trust grapples with entrenched challenges like cultural transformation amidst leadership flux, exacerbated by dismal staff survey results necessitating workforce engagement overhauls. Despite investments, accident and emergency performance lags, contributing to a projected £117m deficit in 2023-24, targeted to reduce below £100m by 2024-25 via rigorous cost-cutting measures. Enhancing theatre efficiency is paramount, yet hindered by ageing infrastructure demanding urgent attention. Denied central funding for hospital upgrades, the trust faces tough decisions in prioritizing capital expenditure amidst mounting maintenance backlogs and equipment malfunctions, posing risks to service continuity.

What suppliers need to understand about NHS plans for patient data

The NHS aims to enhance data use through the Federated Data Platform for better service quality and efficiency, despite challenges in local adoption. FDP integrates data for elective recovery, care coordination, population health, and more. NHS England is also developing a digital tools marketplace and secure data environments for research. Collaboration with the private sector is crucial for innovation. Local NHS priorities focus on shared care records and digital tool integration. Progress varies, with nearly half of integrated care systems having data strategies. A new funding settlement is needed to sustain these initiatives.


Last week, the following data points were updated:

  • Leadership of ICS in May
  • EIP waiting time performance (Early intervention Waits) of MH in Q4 2023-24
  • Elective admissions of Acute, Sp in Q4 2023-24
  • Mortality indicator of Acute in Q3 2023-24
  • Out Patients of PP in Q4 2023-24
  • Incidents Per Quarter, Percentage of patients taken to A &E, THE 18-MINUTE TARGET(MINS.SECS), THE APPROPRIATE CONVEYANCE TARGET(MINS.SECS), THE SEVEN MINUTE TARGET(MINS.SECS) of Amb in Q1 2024-25
  • Total population served, Percentage 75 and over, Strategic Plan (Link) in 2022-23, 2023-24
  • Strategic Plan (Link), Support for long term conditions of ICS in 2023-24

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